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Claudia Eunice Cruz

Corporate Communications Manager, Cenérgica-Nejapa Power Company, a subsidiary of Inkia Energy (Israel Corporation), which operates a marine fuel terminal, and the Nejapa Power Plant, the first private thermal generator in the Salvadorian wholesale electricity market. She is responsible for the company’s public relations and corporate social responsibility, providing counsel in energy market, legal, labor and environmental issues, as well as mergers and acquisitions. An advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility, she acts as Chairwoman of the CSR committee in the American Chamber of Commerce and has collaborated with FUNDEMAS in the Ethics and Transparency Committee responsible for the Business Ethics Guide. Serves as a Board Member of the non-profit Glasswing International, participates in the Walton International Scholarship recruiting committee and volunteers through Crisálida as an English teacher for a program aimed at students from rural public schools in her community. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of the Ozarks and a Master in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Barcelona. Claudia is a Fellow of the Central America Leadership Initiative and the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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Claudia’s Leadership Project is called The Glee Project; its mission is to create music clubs in public schools as a way to foster values among its participants that help them interact with others within a group. One of the projects goals is to be inclusive and create a space not only for those who love to sing, but also for anyone willing to participate. It also creates an opportunity for volunteers, whether performing arts professionals or not, to get involved. Singing and performing benefits youth on various levels: it is a positive outlet, it promotes a high self esteem and it bridges a generational gap between students and their teachers and parents through common likes in music.

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Cenérgica – Nejapa Power


Corporate Communications Manager


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