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Eida Gabriela Saiz


Eida Gabriela Saiz: Treasury and Finance Manager, Autoridad del Canal de Panama, where she is responsible for overseeing financial investment opportunities for the financial sources of ACP – Panama’s most important public corporation, currently engaging in the execution of the Expansion of the Panama Canal. She led the contracting of the external financing sources for the Expansion Program for US$2,300 million through the negotiation with five international development agencies. Prior joining ACP, she was Deputy Director of Public Credit for the Republic of Panama. Earned an M.B.A from INCAE Business School, and Nova Southeastern University and B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. Gabriela is a Fellow of the Central America Leadership Initiative and the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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The project aims to awaken high school students’ attitudes towards challenges in society and our communities. This project will challenge the students to apply their ideas and knowledge to provide a fresh point of view to society’s troubles. i.e. Students have the opportunity to propose solutions and influence society through their values and leadership. The project helps students understand how values and skills can be applied in the real world; using today’s technology and other means. The project began at one school as an initial platform to invite students from the junior and senior classes to be participants of seminars and workshops promoting values and face social needs identified by their age group. During these workshops the students propose strategies and action plans. The workshops focus on teaching students to work in groups and set goals that are challenging, but achievable. The project’s goal is to plant seeds to develop a consciousness of today’s challenges as well as a problem-solving approach in today’s youth.

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Panama Canal Authority


Treasurer – Financial Administration


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