Margarita Pasos

is a consultant on human talent development. She trains people and teams on high performance sales, leadership, emotional intelligence, cognitive psychology, teamwork and healthy relationships. She currently works with some of the most prestigious companies of Central America, Colombia and South Florida developing their human resources. Margarita is the main Hispanic Trainer for Brian Tracy, a New York Times best selling author on the topics of sales, performance and time management. She is also part of the John Maxwell Team and teaches his leadership principles, a VAA for TTI SI one of the biggest companies on human assesments in the world. Her Ted Talk on self talk has more than 2 million views. She produces and presents Mensajes de Vida, a series of short inspirational messages that are broadcasted 3 times a day 7 days a week on the most viewed TV Channel of Nicaragua. They are also being broadcasted in the United States, Honduras and Costa Rica. For 13 years she was the television Presenter and producer for the Talk Show Margarita TeVoy A Contar, which aired in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Puerto Rico and the United States. In 2007 she published the book Lo Mejor De Margarita TeVoy A Escribir based on newspaper articles she wrote for El Nuevo Diario, those articles where answers she would give to questions of her viewers and readers on matters such as relationships, goals, spirituality, etc. Between 1999 and 2001 she was a spokesperson for Airsource, an air purification division of Shaklee Corp. in the United States, where she would motivate their Hispanic sales force throughout the Unites States and Canada. She enjoys studying cognitive psychology, reading and spending time with her family. During 1995 and 1996 she studied Television Studio Operations in MLTECH, Florida. She was born in Colombia, where she attended Universidad Pontíficia Bolivariana majoring in marketing. Margarita is a Fellow of the sixth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Clase:  CALI 6
Nombre Clase: Sixnifigance
Posición: Corporate Trainer
Organización: Success Factor
Contacto: Margarita Pasos
Celular: 1-786-538-1872
Oficina: 505 2277-2626
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