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Ana Julia Urrutia

is the regional manager for the Diagnostic Imaging business group in PROMED, which is a leading company for the distribution of medical and industrial equipment in the region. Her division manages GE Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging for Central America. Since 2013 Ana Julia has open new markets like Guatemala, El Salvador and Cuba with a continuous growth in market share. Her focus in creating business solutions and being a consultant for healthcare facilities has created a new form of doing business, leading PROMED and her team to win several awards as a GE Healthcare distributor in Latin America. In 2007 after obtaining her MBA from INCAE Business School Ana Julia began working for GE Healthcare as Service Sales Manager for Central America, Ecuador and Peru, at that time she created a new strategy for selling maintenance contracts of radiology equipment in developing countries, this opened new business opportunities in many countries and she received the Rookie of the Year award for this program. In 2010 Ana Julia worked for FitnessLatam a regional company which distributes fitness and lifestyle equipment, she oversaw the expansion of the company and opened new markets in all Central America and Dominican Republic. She earned her bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, from Universidad Católica Santa Maria La Antigua in Panama. Ana Julia is a Fellow of the fourteenth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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