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Ana Victoria López

Ana Victoria López is the Language Program Coordinator at Kab’lajuj Ey, a program of Wuqu Kawoq a nongovernmental organization committed to facilitating excellence and linguistic competence in medical care delivery for indigenous communities of Guatemala. Soon after graduating from high school, Ana developed different projects that have improved the quality of life in Guatemala; her projects aimed at reducing malnutrition, supporting mothers, improving family nutrition, promoting self-sustainability and reducing dependence on domestic and foreign aid. Ana lived in the United States for 11 years and returned to Guatemala in August of 2012. While living in the United States, she worked as a teachers assistant in Spanish at Harvard University and a Kaqchikel Consultant for Field Methods at Harvard, Kansas University and MIT. She also worked as a para-educator, interpreter, and as a bilingual costumer service representative. Ana was a Cross-Cultural Trainer for Peace Corps – Guatemala. Ana graduated with a Bachelors degree in Food Science from South Dakota State University and obtained an associate degree in Food Science and Technology from Mount Hood Community College in Oregon. She is the recipient of several scholarships including the CASS, Albert & Edna Thompson Scholarship, the Lloyd Everson Scholarship. Ana is fluent in English, Spanish and Kaqchikel. Ana is married and has two children.

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