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Camilo de Castro Belli

Camilo de Castro is a member of the coordinating team of the Academic and leadership training program of FLACSO Costa Rica, which seeks to empower and strengthen the strategic capacity of emerging leaders from Nicaragua. Since 2017, he has worked with Global Wildlife Conservation, the Rama and Kriol communities and the private sector in Nicaragua to promote actions that contribute to slowing the advance of the agricultural frontier in the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve. In 2010, he founded CaLé producciones, a communications company for social change, which works with civil society organizations to strengthen their advocacy work. He has worked with indigenous communities, environmental groups and civil society youth organizations to develop strategies for incidence and leadership building. For eight years he was the leading investigative journalism for the news magazine program Esta Semana. In 2008, he received the Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Journalism Excellence Award – the most important journalism prize in Nicaragua – for Emergencia en el Bosque, a documentary about the illegal logging of forests in Nicaragua. In 2010, he received the award for a second time for an investigation into corruption in the Supreme Electoral Council, and the same year, he won the National Prize for Journalism and Communication María José Bravo. He directed El canto de Bosawas, a documentary about the Mayangna indigenous community in the Bosawas Natural Reserve and Sueños de birrete, a documentary that explains the challenges facing the education system in Nicaragua. He has a bachelor´s degree in history from Columbia University.

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