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Carlos Avilés

is the founder and general manager of Teleservicios de El Salvador, a logistics and delivery services company, which grew rapidly from 4 to 230 employees due to his vision and strategic outlook. Carlos is currently diversifying his line of business to a comprehensive outsourcing venture. He is also Director of Social Responsibility Initiatives. In 2014, Teleservicios de El Salvador was awarded ÒMARCA POSITIVA” by FUNDEMAS for its commitment to investing in and furthering the development of the local community. Previously, he worked as a private banking counselor at Banco de Madrid in Spain, and as a corporate advisor in Banco Cuscatlán, San Salvador. Carlos holds a law degree from Universidad de Navarra, Spain and a Masters degree in Private Banking by Escuela Superior de Economía in Madrid. He lives in El Salvador with his wife and 3 beautiful kids. Carlos is a Fellow of the 13th class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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