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Carlos Manuel Gómez

About my venture

The objective of my venture is to influence professors and lecturers to increase their motivational condition toward teaching through a structured academic program. After completing this program, the participants (professors and lecturers) are expected to become more motivated with their initial teaching passion and to create a larger impact in students by giving more passionate classes, more attention to their individual and group performance and to find “the way” to increase their learning process.
Reasons about my venture

As professors and lectures continue working in the higher education system, especially in State Universities with a lack of an effective control and evaluation system, the monotony of this activity along with the inexistence of a system of recognitions turn these professionals into burn out individuals. Since the level of motivation is continuously decreasing, professors and lecturers seem to lose their initial teaching passion to foster new young professionals.

A large number of State Universities in Latin America are mostly subsidized by their country’s Governments with very low and symbolic enrolling fee. Because of this, a significant percentage of the students enrolling in higher education are not really committed to their careers during the first years of studies. The rate of dropouts is also significant when the cost of entering at the university level may not cause them further debts responsibilities along with a poorly motivated environment.
This venture is supported just by empirical observation after about 20 years as lecturer in several state universities. An introductory research is planned for the next academic period (2017) by applying two questionnaires:

  1. A questionnaire addressed to a group of faculty to understand the existence of a burn out condition and its level.
  2. A questionnaire addressed to students (freshmen & sophomores) to capture their perception regarding their motivations to continue studies, the motivation projected by their professors and the students’ continuity in their careers due to the motivations of their mentors.

Venture Goal

In order to reduce the dropout rates and to increase the motivation of students to pursue their career goals, my venture proposes to create a “motivational program” addressed to professors and lecturers that feel that have been losing their teaching passion. This program will include a number of reading, lectures, discussions, videos and role-playing games that after completing this content the participants will deliver more motivated classes and attention to their students.

With this objective in mind, we look forward to re-engineer the trainers of the new young professional leaders for our countries.

Current state of the venture

Unfortunately, the venture is still under preparation. The program has not been developed yet, but the research has been planned to obtain some quantitative elements to justify my pilot test. This pilot test is expected to take place at the University of Panama (Colón Branch) where I currently work as full-time professor. With these results, I do expect to receive an approval from University authorities in order to offer this program to a pilot group of professors and lecturers, and furtherly to measure the impact after successfully completing the program and working along with their students.

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