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Christina Murray

is a goal-oriented and passionate individual with an MBA from Instituto de Empresa, and 12 years of professional experience at Industrias La Constancia, a subsidiary of SABMiller and Coca-Cola bottler in El Salvador. Throughout her career in the commercial area, she has had the opportunity to develop a broad network base by leading multidisciplinary teams, and by working one-on-one with clients and customers alike. Throughout this journey she has gained an in-depth understanding of retailer, shopper, and consumer needs, barriers, and behavior, and how to succeed in a challenging and ever-changing environment. However, she is now ready to move on and apply her experience and knowledge to fulfill other personal interests. In this new phase of her life, she is exploring new projects which will enable her to dedicate quality time to her 2-year-old son, while also satiating her thirst for learning and giving back to her community.

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