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Claudia Eunice Cruz

Claudia Cruz is a professional on corporate communications and sustainability programs.
She currently acts as Executive Director of Vital Voices El Salvador, working on empowering women in the economic area.
She founded Ubuntu Consulting, a multidisciplinary holistic approach business and personal advisory firm, focusing on sustainability and stakeholder relations.
She previously worked as the communications and marketing director of ASESUISA (Sura Group), one of the main insurance companies in El Salvador.
During 13 years, Claudia was corporate communications manager at Cenergica-Nejapa Power Company(IC Power – Israel Corporation). Her experience includes managing public relations and corporate social responsibility programs, providing communications counsel in energy market, legal, labor and environmental issues, as well as mergers and acquisitions.
She is an advocate for responsible business and actively collaborates in several committees in FUNDEMAS the nation’s leading CSR organization. Claudia serves as a board member of FUNDEMAS, and previously Glasswing International and Vital Voices El Salvador Chapter.
In 2010. she created a leadership project to strengthen students’ self-esteem and teach them values through music. The Glee Club Project was established in alliance with Glasswing International. In 2016, the project had 52 glee clubs, 100 volunteers and over 1200 students involved in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of the Ozarks (USA) and a Master in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Barcelona (Spain). Claudia is a Fellow of the fifth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.
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Claudia’s Leadership Project is called The Glee Project; its mission is to create music clubs in public schools as a way to foster values among its participants that help them interact with others within a group. Claudia Cruz’s 2020 Action Pledge is to take action and get involved in issues she deeply cares about. She has signed up for a program aimed at designing response protocols for women who have been victims of domestic violence. Her goal is to involve local churches who have been distant from the problem, even if domestic violence happens among their members. She will also help redesign the Glee Project under the new normal created by the pandemic. Finally, she is restructuring the social business model of the Vital Voices, trying to amplify impact and become more efficient.

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