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Eduardo Lovo

is currently the Medical Director of the International Cancer Center at the Hospital de Diagnóstico in El Salvador, the Coordinator of the Brain Tumor Program of the Institute of Neurosciences of the Hospital de Diagnóstico and the Brain and Spine Radiosurgical Program, and a Medical and strategy advisor for Masep Inc. (Medical Technology Company). Since January 2007 he has worked in providing and making accessible advanced neurosurgical and cancer care solutions for patients of El Salvador and the region, he has developed and lead in a progressive manner, health related projects with different complexities and budgets culminating in the latest one that he currently directs which is the International Cancer Center, a 9 million dollar project that has benefited more than 160 patients with low economical resources that simply could have not afforded this sort of treatments elsewhere. He is a firm believer that advanced medical solutions not only in relation to brain or cancer but the rest of specialties can become accessible to developing countries under an adequate business model and recognition and enhancement of leadership skills among physicians in their communities. This ideal is currently one of his main motivations.

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