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Henry Lewin

Henry is a passionate entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Guatemala and graduated from Business School at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He then started his professional career in the Corporate World, working in the marketing department for Phillip Morris for more than seven years.
His continuous corporate growth allowed him to fulfill his dream of exploring the World, specially the natural side of it. During his many adventure trips, he was able to spend enough time with himself to realize that he wasn’t completely happy and that he didn’t want to spend his life working only for money. After quitting he returned to Guatemala looking for a job or project where he could discover true happiness and fulfilling success.
Henry discovered a piece of land near Guatemala City and even though it was completely mistreated and eroded, he dreamed of turning it into a natural park. After many years of hard work, he was able to open GreenRush, a lush natural park where people can come and enjoy the contact with the thriving nature. GreenRush has been self-sustainable since the second year, allowing it to continuously reinvest in expanding their products and services; thus becoming a benchmark for the developing ecotourism industry in Guatemala. Henry is often invited to share his story and his business mindset in various conferences and seminars. On 2018 he was nominated by the Guatemalan Managers Association as Manager of the Year in the Creativity and Innovation field. He is also a professor at the University, a great dog and horse whisperer, a great husband, and father to three beautiful kids. He is constantly exploring new projects to continue sharing the way he discovered his relationship with nature, and his mission of leaving this World a bit better than he found it.

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